Saturday, March 8, 2014


MineCraft is a game where you can create structures you could never have made in real life, I think that the game is a very helpful learning tool it can be used to help people understand, design and create whether your playing with other friends or playing by yourself your always going to be learning.


  1. Do you have videos or screen shots of things you have made? Can you tell us about what you personally find so interesting or fun about Minecraft? Can you convince an adult who thinks that Minecraft is a waste of time that it is actually a great learning tool?

    Make a case for how you might use it in class to learn.

  2. Also keep your audience in mind. Who is reading this? Your class mates right? Do you think there is anyone in this class who does not know what Minecraft it?

    So then the question becomes what can you tell them about Minecraft that they don't already know.

  3. I find it interesting because it can be used in many different ways to help others understand or create different buildings which would be impossible to in real life.