Monday, February 17, 2014

On Reading

I believe that reading should not be something that people should be taught to do but rather given the chance to do. I know from experience that people can have a bad start but get better, when I was around 6 and my mom was trying to get me started reading i absolutely hated even the idea of reading but then when i was around the age of 7 i started to understand what i was actually reading and that was when the light switched on for me. I think that some people take longer then others to switch on.

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  1. What is ti about reading that "Turn on the switch for you? "
    So often we have kids, boys in particular for some reason, who claim they just don't get it. What do we tell them? Do you have any advice for reluctant readers?

    BTW, you could have added your thoughts as a comment on my post....